Make Orthodontic Patient Communication Easy.

Ava has been built from the ground up to make communication with your orthodontic patients easier. From Appointment Reminders to New Patient Satisfaction Surveys Ava's got patient communication covered and is growing every day!

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Let patients find answers to common questions, and interact with your staff, all from your website!
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Here are just a few ways Ava makes patient management easier.

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Fully customizable text, call, and email messages for 2-way office to patient communication.
Virtual Consult
Virtual Consult
Form a convenient digital relationship before a patient has to commit to visiting the office, and you don’t have to unnecessarily waste office time
Case Presentation
Case Presentation
Patient driven case acceptance options can instill confidence in patients to move forward with treatment sooner than later.
New Patient Tracking
New Patient Tracking
Full visibility, tracking, and automated nurturing of every new patient until they start treatment.
Legacy Blasts
Legacy Blasts
Average 30% response rate and 8% conversion rate on all long-term pending patients, with the click of a button.
Internal Marketing
Internal Marketing
Intuitive marketing campaigns to your patient base to increase the number of new patients; managed by Ava.
Automated Follow Up
Automated Follow Up
• New leads

• Pending patients

• No show’s

• Recall

• Any Other Automated Followup
Online Scheduling
Online Scheduling
Ava reads your schedule and makes it super simple for new patients to schedule themselves online from any device.

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A.I for orthodontics
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What they're saying

Dentma’s Ava product has consistently brought me over $30,000 every month in business I wouldn’t have otherwise collected. The big bump in production has been nice, but perhaps the best part is that my treatment coordinator loves it.

Kyle Fagala, DDS

Owner, Saddle Creek Orthodontics

I love the stats. Ava has been such a great tool for us. Ava makes my job a lot easier to where I can focus more on my patients than our will/call list. I owe you.

Shelbi Andrews

Treatment Coordinator

“Thank you again for your hard work and kindness. You are all truly the best. You can rest assured, when anyone asks if they should use Ava the answer is a resounding YES!”

Jenna Stork

Marketing Coordinator

I've never known a TC (myself included) who didn't need a little extra help on the follow up.

Anna Fagala

Office Manager

Why Ava?

We believe that relationships make or break Orthodontic practices. Strong relationships lead to higher start rates, more referrals, and lifelong happy patients. Weak relationships do the opposite. That’s why Ava puts so much effort into making sure your patients know you care about them. She follows up regularly - and will continue to even after they’ve left the practice with that new smile. Ava will never forget the value of professional communication in timely ways.
Ava sweats the little details that can so easily fall through the cracks in your busy office.

Here's a few more reasons you will want to hire Ava:
Best Practices
Ava has communicated with hundreds of thousands of patients and counting. All of this data is analyzed to improve open rates and response rates, patient engagement, and scheduling probabilities. Ava is driven by data, not by guesswork.
Worry-free automation
No more worrying about who to reach out to, how often to reach them, what to say, and how to say it. Aside from phone calls (which, let's be honest, your voice is far more attractive than Ava's), Ava handles the outreach totally by herself.
100% reliable
Ava never takes day off, misses any detail, shows up late for work, gets sick, or complains; she happily works 24/7.
HIPAA Compliant
Ava is HIPAA compliant. She uses bank-grade security to protect patient data.
Increased Capacity
Ava frees up an average of 9 hours per day per office. This valuable time can then be better spent focusing on patients and other important practice-growing activities.
Industry-leading intelligence
Ava is always learning. She processes thousands of messages every day to improve what she's saying, when she says it, and how she says it. Rest assured you are using a living "intelligence" who improves and adapts.

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