An A.I. Personal Assistant for Your Treatment Coordinators

Meet Ava, your TC's new personal assistant

​Ava is an Automated Virtual Assistant focused on reconnecting with patients who have not started treatment.
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Your team and TC'd need help getting first time patients to come in for a visit.

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Automate Personalized Followup with New and Existing Patients

With Ava you can send automated or personalized emails to any patient in your office from anywhere with an internet connection.

New Patient Tracking / Surveys

Are your new patients filling out their forms? Ava can send reminders for patients to fill out patient forms online pre apt, and get their feedback post apt.

Appointment Reminders

Make sure your patients never miss their appointment with automated reminders via text and email.

Virtual Consults

Offer prospects a way to get a consultation without ever leaving their couch by taking pictures with their smartphone.

Online Scheduling

Let your patients schedule their appointment online with ease.

Blast Functionality

Send a one time email to thousands of patients at a time, with filters by age, office location, name, TX status, etc...

And more!
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What they're saying

Dentma’s Ava product has consistently brought me over $30,000 every month in business that I wouldn’t have otherwise collected. The big bump in production has been nice, but perhaps the best part is that my treatment coordinator loves Ava.

Kyle Fagala, DDS

Owner, Saddle Creek Orthodontics

I love the stats. Ava has been such a great tool for us. Ava makes my job a lot easier to where I can focus more on my patients than our will/call list. I owe you.

Shelbi Andrews

Treatment Coordinator

“Thank you again for your hard work and kindness. You are all truly the best. You can rest assured when anyone asks if they should use Ava, the answer is a resounding YES!”

Jenna Stork

Marketing Coordinator

I've never known a TC (myself included) who didn't need a little extra help on the follow up.

Anna Fagala

Office Manager

Why Ava?

We believe that relationships make or break ortho practices. Strong relationships lead to higher start rates, more referrals, and lifelong happy patients. Weak ones do the opposite. That's why Ava puts so much effort into making sure your patients know you care about them. She follows up regularly - and for months after they've left the practice - to let them know you haven't forgotten about them. And she even speaks to them as if she were you, ensuring the chain of personal contact is never broken. We care about these relationships, and we hope you do too.

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Limited Time Offering

Ava - 30 Day
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$400/one time fee

       Unlimited semi-auto pending patient follow-up
       Unlimited full-auto pending patient follow-up
       Unlimited Legacy Blasts
       Unlimited slide calculator use
30 Day - Full Money Back Trial
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Ava - first


       Unlimited semi-auto pending patient follow-up
       Unlimited full-auto pending patient follow-up
      Unlimited Legacy Blasts
       Unlimited slide calculator use
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25% Off For Additional Locations

Ava - Additional


       Unlimited semi-auto pending patient follow-up
       Unlimited full-auto pending patient follow-up
      Unlimited Legacy Blasts
       Unlimited slide calculator use
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